Walking West

“Walking West” – A Video Work by Conor McGarrigle

Walking West is a video documenting the entirety of a durational walking art action, Walking West, that took place in Denver Colorado in 2014. For Walking West I walked Colfax Ave, at 26 miles (42km) the longest continuous street in the US, once dubbed the “longest, wickedest street in America” by Playboy magazine. As I walked I physically drew a line, while a GPS device simultaneously traced a virtual digital line along the route, the action was also captured from space by a commissioned satellite photograph. The project sought to inscribe the virtual on the physical as it combined the physical act of walking with the ephemeral digital traces of its GPS track and the invisible actions of a satellite 400-miles above capturing the scene, thus placing the act of flanerie within a digitally mediated and surveillance infrastructure without which we cannot consider the meaning of the flaneur in the contemporary city.

1c34d65f-32b8-4d77-823c-5d2e176dff2dAbout Conor McGarrigle

Conor McGarrigle is an artist and researcher working at the intersection of digital networks and real space. Coming from a background in net art his work is concerned with the ways that digital networks are entangled in all aspects of everyday life. This practice is focused on approaches that reframe, reimagine and resist pervasive technical systems creating new understandings of the action of networks in the contemporary city. His practice is characterized by urban interventions mediated through digital technologies and data-driven explorations of networked social practices; projects range from walking performances along the longest street in the USA documented by satellite, generative video work that appropriates 24 hours of hacked social media content to augmented reality mappings of the geography of the Irish financial collapse.