Prerna Bishnoi


Prerna Bishnoi (b. 1989) is an artist and filmmaker currently studying at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. She usually works collaboratively with video and sound-based narratives in the context of public spaces, institutions and infrastructures. Working site and system-specifically, she uses these environments to think with and about performative gestures, power and control, play and imagination, and spatial construction and its narratives.

“Exit the Mall” – A video screening

Exit the Mall, is an impression of the enclosed, manufactured world of the shopping mall as a microcosm as well as a “spatial product”(Easterling, 2005) in the contemporary urban landscape of Bangalore, India. Drifting along, a narrator encounters serious mall-goers. She follows their “codes of conduct”, re-narrates anecdotes of her interactions and observations in the physical as well as virtual world of the mall and reports anomalous moments from her experience, as she makes her way to the EXIT.

The film experiments with different modes of narration of space. It is constructed from documentation and testimonials from the players of two live-action games that I created and played with mall-goers, text from #mallonsocialmedia and other ubiquitous imagery that the world of shopping malls throw up.