Petr Svarovsky


Petr Svarovsky is not just an artist but a brand, active in exploring the grey area between art, science and technology since 1994. The brand’s creative projects in recent years have been participatory, interactive, networked and mobile. They focus on computer algorithms and their connection to human behavior. Silver has exhibited in various museums, galleries and media festivals in Europe and worldwide, most recently at the FILE festival 2005 in Sao Paolo, the Venice Biennale 2007, and the Ars Electronica 2007 in Linz. Silver is recently focusing on app driven events and challenges as emerging art forms.

“Flirtman” – A Talk

What happens if we introduce a computer game to the real world?
Players can download the game to their mobile phones.
They choose the role: FRED (to send commands) or JERRY (to do them).
JERRY hears commands as an audio through a headset.
Anybody around you may be remotely controlled. 

The latest upgraded iPhone interface has 32 commands, simplified and tested intensively to be ready for further interventions. While Flirtman has most of the aspects qualifying it as a game (rules, challenge, interaction), it is missing a clear goal that its players must reach. Flirtman, as it is, is not a competitive activity and its definition is probably closer to art. Several people reported that they saw the world differently after playing Flirtman, so one might say that it is passing along a certain message. People’s behavior can be affected by the code to a certain extent, but the whole problem is more complex: Human behavior is affected by the gaming code, but it is also affected by environment, cultural traditions, and the psychological profile of both players.

Flirtman Race – game in the public space

Participants will learn how to use Flirtman app to create a game in a public space. The event serves as an introduction to upcoming phenomenon of pervasive games and serves as a basis for App Driven Events – a merge of social activities in public space with code driven activities.

Workshop outline:

  1. Participants will be divided to groups.

    2. Each group will prepare a game for other groups using simple digital tools.
  2. Participants will play a game prepared by others.

    4. Experience of players will be discussed.

Participants will learn:

1. About pervasive city games.
2. Principles of game design.

3. How to prepare a game for others.

4. How to lead players.

2 hours


Recommended for participants: A smartphone (Android or iOS), headset, pen and paper.

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