Naja Lee Jensen


Naja Lee Jensen has a  BA in Acting from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and a MA in Fine Arts from the Art Academy in Oslo. In her cross-disciplinary practice she explores the borderland between stage and fine art. Her works has been shown at Bergen International Festival, Black Box Theatre Oslo and Novi Ganz Novi Festival in Zagreb.

Og Stier Leder Oss” (And Paths Lead Us) – A talk

If the coastline of Oslo was a face it would to many be the face of a classical beauty. Well proportioned and harmonious with the elegance of the Opera house, the vivacity of Aker Brygge and the prominent features of Barcode. As a plastic surgeon the city planners have shaped the outline of Oslo after a certain idea of beauty, but what is Oslo beneath all of this? And who are we who live and move through the city?

“Og Stier Leder Oss” (And Paths Lead Us) is a performative boat trip for one person at a time through the Vaterland tunnel. The project is an exploration of Oslo and of ourselves. Where do we come from, and where we are headed?