Michela Nicchiotti


“Through The Window” – A Film Screening

Jebb Avenue. Brixton Prison.

“Through the Window” is a psycogeography project, that investigates urban landscaping and the effect on emotions and behaviour of individuals, it’s the result of a personal experience, living close to the Brixton Prison, on Jebb Avenue.
The Apartments where guardians used to live surround the building and during the last decade few of them have been sold to private and rent out to people, like me.
This miscellaneous of life conditions, has made me wonder about the relationship between the building where I live and the building where prisoners live.
The buildings are really close to each other that you can hear the prisoner’s voices from inside the flats.
The pictures and the sounds for this project have been recorded from my apartment from May 2011 to September 2012

Photography and Sound: Michela Nicchiotti