Marius Presterud / Oslo Apiary & Aviary


Marius Presterud (b. Drammen, Norway, 1980) is an artist, clinician and Anglophilic poet. He leads the artist group Oslo Apiary & Aviary, an embedded art practice has Existed since 2013 When It Evolved from Marius Presterud and a colleague Mikkel Dagestad’s shared interest in anthropocenic Implications, Situationism and immersed observation of the systems of exchange That makeup every -Day citylife. A consistent line running through Their Work is the questioning of the Theoretical separation of “urbanity” and “nature”, as well as the “private” and “public” domain; how These things are Performed and dichotomized. Presterud’s original background is in psychology, with years of experience as a clinician from both public and private sector. Thematic commonalities throughout his work, writings and lectures is a focus on relations, selfhood, embodiment and health.

Oslo Apiary & Aviary is an eco-art practice run by the duo Marius Presterud and Mikkel Dagestad. Oslo Apiary & Aviary will practice the freedom to roam, by drifting along the fjord from Losæter, across heavily populated Bygdøy and Fornebu Country, Two Høvikodden, June 2016. Their trek will be digitally traced and result in a publicly available map, so That Those Who wish can thread the trail into existence.

“Tracing the Fjord Oslo”

To finds pleasure and inspiration in wandering around the city and urban landscape, to be a flaneur, one needs the freedom to roam. This law – or what in reality remains of it in – is the focus of Oslo Apiary & Aviary´s performative walk, Tracing the Fjord, which will be performed June 7-9, 2016. Marius Presterud will talk through the three-day performance, present a map from the meeting with the cultural landscape along the Oslo fjord and the consequential derivé.

Talks by Marius Presterud:

  • “Kort introduksjon av Tracing the Fjord / Introduction of Tracing the Fjord”

  • “Driving som metode innen kunst og akademia / Drift as method within the arts and academia”

  • “Turgåing og nasjonsbygging / Walking and nation building”

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