Ienke Kastelein

ienkeIK, foto © Hans van Lunteren 2015

Ienke Kastelein is a visual artist from Netherlands. She currently lives and works in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

“Sitting is one of the greatest pleasures of walking”
Dillon de Give

In art usually there is a separation between maker, artwork and beholder. This walking performance denies this separation. The work is created by participation: the beholder and the performer are one and the same. It is about moving between the outside world and inner experience.


A group of people go for a walk in silence, carrying one white plastic patio chair.

Before leaving they briefly introduce themselves by shaking hands and telling their names. The group takes one camera and each participant takes a few pictures, taking turns, after sitting on the chair. Make sure to photograph the place, the sitter and the others in the group as well as details that catch your eye. All participants take turns in carrying the chair. The person who is carrying the chair searches for a place where he/she would like to sit down. Once found he/she puts the chair down and sits for a while, at least for a few minutes. Everyone will observe the place, space, view, each other, passers-by and him/herself. After that they continue the walk with someone else carrying the chair. They walk for about 1(?)hour. They have to set an alarm to know when the walk ends(and forget about clocktime). Then they can start talking again and walk back to the place of departure. Afterwards return the chair and camera to the host. The group consists of 5 – 8 persons carrying one white chair.

NB 1 It is important to maintain silence during the walk.
NB 2 Make sure to be able to find your way back