Flirtman Race

“Flirtman Race” – A Workshop by Petr Svarovsky


About Petr Svarovsky

Petr Svarovsky (b. 1962 in Czechoslovakia) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He focuses on relation between art, science, technology and consciousness. Petr Svarovsky started his art career in the mid 90’s , when he co-founded Silver, a collaborative platform for new media art production. He worked within the field of interactive sound installations (Sirenes, Amnesty, Dribble, DribbleX), advanced virtual reality (Resident, Shadows of Flames), investigated the Internet as an art medium (Rose, MegaStasis with Marek Chalupa), utilized mobile phones for art (TrolleySingers, Intrigue, Visitor). He has recently been working on merging software art, mobile technologies and street art, investigating the influence of computer code on human social behavior (Flirtman). Recently establishing and spreading Challenge (S.M.T.H.) and App Driven Event (Flirtman Race) as new art genres.