Elena Biserna

Elena Biserna is a researcher at Locus Sonus at the École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence, France, where she works on the lab’s project Audio Mobility. Her interests focus on liminal areas of aesthetic research dealing, in particular, with expanded sound, listening and with contextual, ephemeral and participatory practices in relationship with urban dynamics, socio-cultural processes and the everyday sphere.

Among her recent projects: bip bop – a radio programme conceived as an exhibition space, co-curated with Rita Correddu and Alice Militello – Walking from Scores – a collection of artists’ scores and instructions on walking in urban space – and the Mobile Audio Fest – a 4 days event exploring the relationships between mobility and (new) forms of listening and sound-making, co-curated with Peter Sinclair.

“Aural Flaneurs” – A Listening Session

This screening and listening session presents a series of videos, radio pieces and audio works exploring the relationships between walking, listening and sound-making in urban space by a series of established and younger interdisciplinary artists such as Hildegard Westerkamp, Francis Alÿs, Paolo Inverni, katrinem, Christina Kubisch, Viv Corringham and Edu Comelles.