Dominik Blasko

Dominik Blasko is a Copenhagen based sound and video designer. During his studies of Art and Technology at Aalborg University he started to investigate flanerie as an artistic method. In his works he looks at the urban landscape as a playground that has hidden treasures to offer. He records his flaneurings and derives and uses the documented elements to create collage-like music compositions and audiovisual installations. In his most recent and ongoing project Next Station he tackles the topics of non spaces, public vs private space and voyeurism. He creates short films of intriguing urban places and the videos are connected together in a form of a fictional metro line. At the moment he is involved with the Danish art production company Hotel Pro Forma as a sound designer contributing to their upcoming visual music production NeoArctic – a chant opera based on the topic of Anthropocene.

The Metro Project is an ongoing investigation of flânerie, global connectivity and navigation through the urban environment. The project will be presented in a form of short films, where each film presents the perception of the ever-shifting urban ladscape but with a different focus. The themes tackled in the short films are solitude, non places, voyeurism, nightwalks, psychogeography, maps, signs, street numbers. The films become the environment the audience is passing through and they investigate the effect that this environment has on us. Passing through a non place, does one become a non-person? Are non places safe in today’s world?