Boris Debackere

image1Boris Debackere is an artist and researcher and teaches at the master information design (MIND) at LUCA School of Arts, KU Leuven. Debackere is currently serving as the head of V2_Lab in Rotterdam, an instigator of artistic projects that interrogate and illuminate contemporary issues in art, science, technology, and society.

“Walking and looking as an imaginative tool to apprehend conditions of change in a liquid world” – A talk / A walk

What are the merits of a ‘point of view’ when we are confronted with an apparent shift from rigid cognitive frameworks towards more ‘fluid’ social and cultural interactions? The concept of the information unit seems no longer valid when faced with such a flows of dynamic exchange; therefore we need to establish a ‘liquid’ form of analysis to apprehend the complexity of mutating cultural values. Based on the dynamic method of the Flâneur a multi-viewpoint approach for information flows is introduced that replaces single viewpoint categorizations. The concept of the Flâneur is re-appropriated for its capacity to connect with the different formulations of change and to indicate a common ground as an area for creation or discovery of the new.

The lecture starts in a traditional setting but expounds into an explorative walk using Echoes, an application designed specifically for geolocated content management. It allows you to hear sounds, see images, and read text depending on your location. While walking you will create your own adventure depending on the route you take, conjuring up information in a mediated environment.